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Among all things on the Earth
the land is considered the most valuable.
Cause on the land one can grow many trees.

If among all such trees
one discovers and cultivates one golden tree,
all one's desires become fulfilled.

With many golden fruits and flowers of that tree,
one can find the whole world made of gold.

Dear visitor,

As you can see the web site is in the early stage of development. The creator has become very anxious to present some of his exciting and innovative vision to as many people as possible before its full implementation. Since the whole concept is based on an idea that this project is to be guided by all kinds of its members I wanted to get some initial response from the newcomers.

Please visit my Journey page for the further direction.

Last updated on 16-Mar-2014

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Life is pain, highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.
- William Goldman: Four Screenplays


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